If Northerners Attack You, Strike Them Back- Ptof.Eya

The former education commissioner in the old Anambra state, Prof. Nduka Eya, has called on Igbos living in the North to defend themselves against any possible attack

He said this at the University of Nigeria, UNN, Nuskka.

According to him, asking Igbos to vacate the North is a matter that must not be treated lightly and Igbos have to defend themselves in order to be called true Nigerians.

“Like the secretary general of Ohaneze has said, go about your normal business but you have the right to defend yourself.

“The main Arewa forum should come openly to issue statements. Enough of cutting peoples throat, splitting blood and splitting pregnant women belly, those barbaric acts should stop.

“If you fight me I will fight back because if I don’t fight you will kill me.

“The IPOB/ MASSOB were asking for sovereign state of Biafra but none of them has asked anybody to leave the east while no section of the country has questioned why the quest for Biafra?”

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