Check out Twitter Reactions Over Wizkid Adoption Of Goat as Pet

It’s good to be famous and have money – that’s exactly why you would wake up one morning go to the market and buy a goat not for pepper-soup or ‘asun’ but to adopt it as your pet and your fans will just be hitting the ‘like’ button up and down. Let one random guy try it, the way Nigerians will trash him on social media, he will quickly take down the post with a follow-up post like ‘haba Nigerians – small play’. So, Starboy got himself a goat as pet yesterday and the whole Nigerian internet went crazy. Here are our 10 top reactions to make you laugh today

Snake swallowed 36 million naira
Monkey swallowed 70 million naira
Dragon swallowed $486 million

Wizkid buys goat 😂 business man pic.twitter.com/CStHdhv02N

— O N O M E🇳🇬 (@NomzyTwits) February 28, 2018
If we the ondo’s catch that goat for asun eehn, wizkid would av tasted it finish before knowing it was his pet 😂😂

— icey Dee™ (@Deejayfreez) February 28, 2018
Wizkid as adopted a GOAT as his new pet, Money good o, i dont even feel he is mad, i feel i should be the Goat 🐐,

Don’t judge me 😂 #Enekem pic.twitter.com/iFDskeOMyI

— Enekem 💎 (@EnekemGreg) February 28, 2018
Wizkid adopted a goat. But that’s not the problem, fam. The problem is the goat is wearing a chain that’s like double my house rent.

Fam, I crying genuine tears to bed tonight. Goat has made it in this life before me. 😢😭 pic.twitter.com/uHOcJAgLBK

— Okon ‘Ediye’ Nya (@iamOkon) February 28, 2018
I’m an animal too wizkid. People call me goat most of the time. Kindly adopt me. So your first born goat won’t be bored at home. https://t.co/Jp8XkTl8rk

— Star 💫 (@Taymietee_) February 28, 2018
Wizkid gets a goat as a pet
Aswear Money is good you’ll be going mad and people won’t even recognize

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