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Crisis looms as health workers announce indefinite strike



The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) says it will begin an indefinite nationwide strike by midnight on Tuesday.

Josiah Biobelemoye, president of the union, announced this when he led the union executive on a courtesy visit to Jafaru Momoh, chief medical director of the National Hospital, Abuja.

He alleged that Isaac Adewole, minister of health, had been treating the union members as slaves.

He said the minister failed to implement the agreement reached by the union with the federal government on September 30, 2017, for upward adjustment of CONHESS.

Biobelemoye said the implementation of the agreement was supposed to begin five weeks after it was signed “as was done for medical doctors”.

He said JOHESU accounted for 95 percent of health sector workers in the country but regretted that the union’s demands were always taken for granted.

“We are committed to ensuring peace in the sector hence for the past three years we resisted strike but we should not be forced to withdraw the peace,” he said.

“Help us to tell government. All we are saying is equity, justice and peace.

“We love Nigerians and government should help us love Nigerians the more by doing the needful.”

Patricia Etteh, chairman, board of National Hospital, Abuja, appealed to union officials to shelve its proposed strike in the interest of the people.

Etteh urged the union to consider the plight of the masses, who always suffered more during such actions in the health sector.

“In the event of strike in the health sector, the poor always bear the burden as they cannot afford access to healthcare in private hospitals in Nigeria and abroad,” she said.

“But the rich will not mind as a lot of them travel abroad to receive the desired healthcare services. There so many ways you can embark on strike without shutting down hospitals because the masses will suffer.

“I plead with you to give me sometime to dialogue with the concerned ministry with regard to your demand for upward adjustment of CONHESS and other issues.

“I believe before the close of work tomorrow (Tuesday), through the concerted efforts of all and sundry, something positive will come out from my dialogue with the Minister of Health and others.”

The CMD also pleaded with the union not to withdraw emergency services in hospitals in the event of any strike.

He assured the union members that their issues would be resolved in the shortest possible time “through divine interventions”.

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“How Old Groundnuts Cause Liver Cancer” – Doctor Raises Alarm



Nigerians who are in the habit of munching old groundnuts instead of discarding them have been warned against the health risks ahead.
Nigerian Doctor, Dr. Nonso, self-styled Aproko Doctor took to his Twitter handle to warn people of the danger of eating old groundnuts.
According to his tweet, it causes cancer of the liver. The consumption of groundnuts especially with Garri (Cassava flakes) or bread is very common in Nigeria.

Read full tweets:-
Share this post with your Friends on “I’m just here to remind you that eating old groundnuts can give you cancer of the liver #aprokodoctor
Old groundnuts contain aflatoxin that causes liver cancer. This toxin is produced by a fungus that infects old improperly stored groundnuts.
Don’t let your village people win.
Throw that ancestral groundnut away.
Groundnuts should be stored in airtight containers.
Preferably in the refrigerator with constant electricity for about 3 months.
But as we no dey get light like that…
The moment something feels wrong about it. Discard”

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ALERT: 3 things that can make you go blind



Imagine life without your sight. There are certain things we do on a daily basis that could harm our eyesight.

These things should be avoided by all means if we want to live happily without losing our eyesight. Here are four of the unexpected things that could make you go blind all of a sudden:

1. Smoking

Smoking is not good for your body. It comes with endless side effects on the body.

One of the side effects is blindness. Both women and men risk running blind if they engage in this habit for years. Tobacco tends to release chemicals that are harmful to your health hence they must be avoided by all means.

2. The sun

Have you been staring at the sun directly? It is not recommended to stare at the sun in a direct manner. The rays of the sun can lead to blindness. The straight rays released from the sun are likely to make your eye lenses weaker hence affecting your vision at the end of the day.

3. Early menopause

There are women who experience menopause before the expected age of 45 years. Menopause is often accompanied by loss of sight.

The vision problems are common at an old age. Women who have reached menopause are more likely to suffer from glaucoma, which leaves them with poor sight in the long run.

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Six habits to adopt for healthy kidneys



Your kidneys largely affect quality of life, because they are responsible for a hormone — called erythropoietin — which tells the body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells.
Your kidneys work hard daily, filtering and remove waste products from around 120–150 quarts of blood.
They also control blood pressure, keep your bones healthy, and regulate the level of electrolytes in your blood.
When there are fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, your muscles and brain tire very quickly
Here are six habits to keep your kidneys healthy.

Stay hydrated

Water dilutes the concentration of waste material in urine and helps your kidneys work properly.
So drinking a large amount of water every day is putting yourself on the right path to good kidney health.
The colour of your urine can work as an indicator of dehydration – if your urine is dark, you may not be getting enough water.

Reduce sodium intake

Excess sodium can increase your blood pressure, which hampers blood flow to your kidneys and eventually damages them.
In fact, high blood pressure is the second highest cause of kidney damage.

Cut down on protein

High protein diets are common but did you know that excess protein can harm your kidneys?
Ammonia, a byproduct of protein metabolism that can be dangerous in high amounts, is converted to urea and excreted as urine by your kidneys.
If you consume excess protein, your kidneys need to work harder.

Drink less alcohol

Excess alcohol can harm your kidneys because it is a toxin which needs to be filtered out from the blood.
Alcohol also dehydrates you, affecting the normal functioning of kidneys. Excessive drinking can also increase your risk for high blood pressure and liver disease, both of which negatively impact your kidneys.
Drink in moderation to keep your kidneys healthy.

Quit smoking

We’re already aware that smoking can harm your heart and lungs and cause cancer. Kidneys are no exception.
Smoking can raise your blood pressure and slow down blood flow to your kidneys.

Exercise regularly

Keeping fit helps to reduce your blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of chronic kidney disease.

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