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APC disagree over Obaseki’s performance

The crisis shaking the Edo State governmental issues took another turn on Friday with Governor Godwin Obaseki asking the Edo people to allow him a second term ticket since he had worked for it.

Obaseki, who got the Nigeria Union of Teachers’ best performing governor award for 2019, said he had satisfied the greater part of his promises to the people.

The governor stressed that having a second term in office was “not debatable”.

However, in a fast response to Obaseki’s remark, pioneers of the All Progressives Congress in the state under the aegis of the Edo Peoples Movement, said Obaseki didn’t deserve a second term and that they would search for a superior candidate that would be the party’s candidate in 2020.

Obaseki stated, “No individual can determine who will progress toward becoming governor. Just God and the people can settle on the choice.

“I have said it obviously and I told my cabinet members that second term for me is non-debatable. I am demanding it since I deserve it and I think I have earned it. We have to have it so we can proceed with what we are doing today.”

Be that as it may, a factional group of the ruling APC, known as EDO Peoples Movement, pledged to guarantee that Obaseki didn’t return for second term.

The group additionally called on the state executive of the party, Mr Anslem Ojezua, to leave, saying he had neglected to fathom the emergency perplexing the party.

The pioneers stated this in a statement signed by a previous Minority Whip of the House of Representatives, Samson Osagie, and a previous Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Thomas Okosun.

According to the statement, Governor Obaseki has not given a decent, unmistakable and adequate record of his stewardship three years into his administration, adding that he only endeavored to spoil the APC brand by utilizing tricky strategies to give Edo people the impression that he is performing while his administration is “a greater amount of the more you look the less you see”.

“Governor Obaseki displayed the most elevated level of infidelity to Edo people and the APC by forsaking ventures he took an interest in sourcing for assets for, and after that turned around to blackmail the same government that began those undertakings,” the statement read.

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