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BBNaija 2018: Nina, Miracle pray before having sex, Bambam came as a prophetess – Dee-one



Ex-Big Brother 2018 housemate, Dee-One, has has taken viewers into somethings that went on in the house during his stay.

Speaking on individual housemates, Dee-one disclosed that Bambam entered the reality show as a dedicated Christian. He said Bambam even told fellow housemates that she receives messages from God.

Dee-one who was reacting the scene of Bambam and Teddy A having sex in the toilet, also disclosed that Nina and Miracle always read the Bible, pray before engaging in their sexual activities.

He accused Nigerians of pretending, adding that housemates were encouraged to do anything in the house before going in.

Dee-One who spoke on Fly TV, said, “Nigerians are funny. They’ll be like ‘be yourself do what ever you want’ but when you do it they will turn against you saying ‘no o no o.’” and I’m thinking, ‘whats happening?’

“Some people said, ‘Bambam is such a dedicated girl. A chorister in her church. Why should she bring such a shame in her family.

“I’m like ‘What’s this?’ Bambam came to us, even me…as a spiritual person. I mean, as someone that receives messages from God.

“She told us that God speaks through her and sometimes we even wanted to go to her to know who would be leaving the house first.

“She told us that when she prays and gets information from God, some people would not understand her because they don’t connect to her level.

“Even Nina and Miracle, there was something they were doing. In the evening they will pray. When they want to sleep they’ll read Bible, pray then lie down and have sex.

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Cossy Orjiakor says she is horny and want a guy who’s not lousy for ‘chop and clean mouth’




Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor shared this saucy photo of herself and stated that she’s horny and want a guy who is not lousy for ‘chop and clean mouth.’

She wrote: ‘Am so fu**ing horny tonight….am at Slay lekki 1,….where are u… Hope ur not lousy just chop and clean mouth. if u talk! ama do all ya friends. Hmmmm #mood #tonight.’

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BBNaija: Tobi enraged after Cee-C says she’s a virgin



Cee-C, one of Big Brother Naija’s most controversial housemates, drew the ire of Tobi when she claimed to be a virgin during a conversation on Saturday night.

The revelation enraged Tobi, her on-and-off love interest, who immediately accused her of being dishonest.

The three-way conversation was between Cee-C, Tobi, and Teddy A played out thus:

“I’ve actually never had sex in my life before. That should tell you the kind of person I am”, Cee-C said.

“You’re a virgin?”, asked Teddy.

“I am,” Cee-C replied. “So you should understand that this girl is coming from…”

“Wait, how old are you?”, Teddy interrupted.

“I’m 25.”

Vehemently, Tobi protested her claim, apparently convinced that she was lying.

“Did you hold my d**k or not?”, he asked.

“Why would I do that? I never did that”, she responded in her defense.

Tobi and Cee-C were the first contestants to become an item in the Big Brother Naija house.

The sour lovers went back and forth with raised voices.

Tobi: “I’m not having this conversation. You held my f***ing d**k!”

Cee-C: “I never did that!”

Tobi: “I’m not having this conversation. She’s so silly and stupid.”

Cee-C: “Why would I do that? For what reason?”

Tobi: “But you did. Cee-C you held my d**k.”

Later that night, after all said and done, Cee-C snuck into Tobi’s bed, snuggled up to him and nestled in his arms.

The drama continues!

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BBNaija 2018: Nina reveals what will happen to her if she dates Davido



Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina, on Saturday revealed why she can’t date musicians like Nigerian award winning star, Davido.

Nina said she can’t date musicians like Davido because she is a “jealous” person.

She said this while interacting with fellow housemates, Miracle and Ifu Ennada, shortly after the nights show.

Nina said she can’t see other women “rocking” her lover because she will die.

She said, “I can’t date musicians like Davido; when I see other girls rocking him I will die. I’m a very jealous person but its not good to be jealous.”

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