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Dangote Tomato Processing Plant To Establish N3BN Green House

The Dangote Tomato Processing Plant has set up a N3billion Green House nursery intended to process more than 300 to 350 million tons of half breed tomato seedlings expected to make Nigeria independent in tomato production.

Addressing correspondents in his office situated at Kadawa, Kano, the managing director of the homestead, Abdulkarim Lawal Kaita, said that the Green House nursery would encourage expanded production of top notch seedlings which the organization will take off to tomato ranchers to help the production of new tomatoes and privately made tomato paste in the nation.

As indicated by him, for the federal government to continue the new mission for consumption of privately made homestead produce and for exportation, there is the need to put an all out prohibition on the importation of crisp and prepared tomatoes as the organization has the ability to create for both local consumption and exportation.

Kaita said the organization’s new interest in production of new and handled tomatoes was equipped for halting the over $350 million the federal government is spending every year on the importation of prepared tomatoes.

He noticed that Nigeria consumes 2.3 million tons of tomato paste “yet we have the ability to create 8 million tons every year, surpassing nearby consumption. You would now be able to envision how a lot of the nation can make on remote trade.”

He included that the homestead which is completely robotized is the biggest and first of its sort in West Africa, bringing up that the Farm is relied upon to improve the economy of the nearby tomato ranchers, as the technology is required to expand their reap from the present 10 tons for every section of land to as much as 40 tons for every section of land.

As indicated by him, “the management of the Dangote Tomatoes Processing Limited, which is a backup of Dangote Farms, is eager to uncover the enormous exertion that we are making to guarantee that Nigeria winds up self – adequate in tomato production.

“The planting medium you are looking at is called Pat Moose which has the limit of creating 350 million seedlings for each season that can be utilized to plant an expected 12,000 hectares of tomato ranch.

“We are happy to unveil that we are the first to carry this new technology into the nation and this is going to quick track the yield of our tomato ranchers enormously.

“The venture is being executed under the CBN Tomato Anchor-Borrowers Program. The CBN will pay for the seedlings that we are developing, and it will be conveyed to ranchers.

“The Pat Moose process you are seeing takes three weeks, after which it goes to the following stage, and the entire procedure of developing the tomato takes only three months,” he clarified.

Revealing more insight into the worth addition which the Green House ranch would give, Kaita noticed that the introduction of the technology will put a conclusion to post-reap misfortunes, just as increment the volume of collect of the item.

He further clarified that the introduction of the technology would prompt expansion of production of the item beyond the over 2.5 million tons current consumption request.

“Based on study under the GEMS venture, from the 12 states that take part in huge tomato production, there is more than 171,000 hectares of land for tomato production, and on the off chance that you duplicate this with the more than 40 tons which the technology is equipped for delivering per hectare, that implies we can develop our production to around 8 million tons.

“With this in the following two years, if government impacts the prohibition on the importation of the item, similarly as it has been done on account of rice, Nigeria won’t simply act naturally adequate, however an exporter of the item,” he included.

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