Sexually Transmitted Degrees: 7 Things You Should Know

The term sexually transmitted degrees refers to degrees, diplomas and certificates obtained not by academic or intellectual prowess or capacity but through granting of sexual favours in an academic setting. The term was first used

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Two Ebola drugs found to increase ‘survival rates by 90%’

Health officials have gotten a breakthrough in the cure for Ebola following results from a clinical trial of two therapies made from Ebola antibodies.   Four Ebola drugs was administered to patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo where

40% Of Doctors Unemployed In Nigeria — NMA

40% Of Doctors Unemployed In Nigeria — NMA

40% Of Doctors Unemployed In Nigeria — NMA. The Chairman, Federal Capital Territory branch of the Nigeria Medical Association, Ekpe Phillips, has said. Ekpe, a gynaecologist at the Nyanyan General Hospital said this in Abuja