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I have slept with 80 married men – woman boasts



A doctor ’s widow has admitted that she ’s had affairs with 80 married men following her husband ’s death .
Louise Van Der Velde, 43 , says she is living every day like it is her last , juggling multiple affairs with numerous lovers .

She said that the weeks after Valentine ’ s Day are the busiest time for people looking for affairs because people realise they are in ‘dead ’ relationships .

Louise , who says she is a sex therapist , has even gone as far as saying that her lovers ’ wives know they ’re cheating but turn a blind eye because they have gone off sex.

She said : “Traditional marriage counselling often fails because it is based on a model which has not been reformed for 150 years .

“All this ’till death do us part’ nonsense assumes monogamy works for everyone . This is not realistic and not in line with human nature .

“In order for love and passion to re -enter a marriage, there are other ways . This is why living my sex life to the max and educating people about the future of love is my life ’s work .

“People should judge less and just have more great sex. You sure as heck can tell the ones who need it most – the ones who are unhappy. Life ’s too short to stick to sex with only one partner .”

Mrs Van Der Velde, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire , said she first started cheating in the last years of her marriage to her late husband who died suddenly aged 34 in March 2004 .

“We decided to embark on an open relationship in the last few years before he died . I have carried on the same way ever since .

“His death made me realise you have to seize the day and make the most of every day .

“ I am not looking for another husband and I have no interest in a monogamous relationship . I want to meet sexually driven men who are on the same page as me ,” she concluded .

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EXTRA: Man contests election for 96th time — and he’s never won in any




John Turmel, a Canadian, is currently contesting election for mayor of Brantford, the city he lives in, but that is actually his 96th shot at an elective position.

Interestingly, he has never won in any of the elections, earning him the record of the world’s biggest loser in the polls.

But he says he has no regrets and is not deterred to keep pushing.

“I have no regrets. For a guy with no resources, doing it all with my winnings from mainly illegal games, what have I got to be ashamed of?” he asked in an interview with The Guardian .

He first ran for an election into parliament in 1979, earning just 193 votes after knocking on uncountable doors, campaigning.

His main goal at the time, according to Turmel, was to legalise gambling, after series of police crackdown on his underground operations.

Four decades down the line, he has never stopped to take his chance at elective offices, sometimes earning as much as 4,500 votes, and, on one occasion, getting just 11 votes.

“People with no money can basically create their own tokens by monetising their own time,” he was quoted as saying.

“I realised that I’m going to have to take advantage of every opportunity to explain how we could save ourselves from poverty, which is created by not enough money.

“We’ve got lots of wealth, lots of food, lots of clothes, we’ve just got not enough money to buy it.

“I do zero campaigns,” he says. “I go and I sign up, I give them a press release and a press conference and then I’ll go home. And if there’s a debate, I’ll show up.”

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South Africa legalises marijuana use




South Africa’s constitutional court has decriminalised the private use of marijuana.

The ruling came after a provincial high court in 2017 held that the use of cannabis in private space should be allowed because laws against it were inconsistent with the country’s constitution.

The state appealed to the constitutional court, which upheld the high court’s findings.

“It will not be a criminal offence for an adult person to use or be in possession of cannabis in private space,” judge Raymond Zondo said while delivering the judgement on Tuesday.

The judgement did not say how much cannabis one may have at home for private use.

Celebrations broke out in the court, which was packed with marijuana advocates and members of South Africa’s Rastafarian community.

“It’s been persecution and prosecution for the Rastafarian community,” one of those celebrating, Prince, told TV channel eNCA.

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Workers fired for selling 15,000 apples to one client




Workers fired for selling 15,000 apples to one client

Several employees of a Cuban supermarket have been fired for selling 15,000 apples to a single customer in a country regularly plagued by food shortages.

State news outlet Granma reported on Friday that the employees involved were let go after news of the sale first broke on the blog of a Cuban journalist, who witnessed it at a supermarket in Havana.

A group of “young, husky people” who were “organized in a quasi-military” way appeared at the store and bought 150 cases of 100 apples, according to journalist Iorel Sanchez, who said all the fruit was for a single customer.

The buyer paid the equivalent of 45 cents per apple, according to receipts published in the blog post.

It is not uncommon in Cuba — regularly hit with shortages on staples including fruit, butter, milk and beer — for a trader to buy a large stock of food to resell it at a higher price.

Granma said eight employees of the store — owned by Cimex Corporation, which is state-run but subject to the laws applicable to private enterprise — had been dismissed.

Cuba imports almost all the food consumed by its 11 million inhabitants, including apples, according to the official site Cubadebate.

The island is seeking to reform its Soviet-style economic model: a new constitution to replace the 1976 version has been approved by parliament and submitted to public debate.

In a bid to improve its supply of food products, Cuba’s government recently extended the area and allowed period of cultivation granted to the island nation’s farmers.

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